Advance Group IT Systems Update

We are well on the way to completing the migration to our new specialist Freight Forwarding IT Software.

We began to go live in February of this year with our first departments making the switch and we want to make sure our customers and partners are kept well up to date. Here is an update from both companies in the Advance Group:

Advance Forwarding
We're pleased to announce Advance Forwarding Operations Dept. are now fully operational on the new system. AFL Transport, soon to be fully integrated with operations through the transport module will begin to form the basis for the order tracking system. This, along with the Partner EDI will offer clients a fully functional on-line track and trace system. We expect the developments to continue over the course of the year and aim for the service to be available to clients late 2015 / early 2016.

Advance Packing
Development for the Packing system is now underway with electronic versions of the current internal processes for job costing, work order forms and packing schedules being created. FCL will be working closely with the management team over the next few weeks with the aim of going live in May. Further details of the new system will follow towards the end of April.

Clients will be updated on the progress of the system and any potential service enhancements available over the next few months.

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